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Newman Wetlands Center

Who We Are

Newman Wetlands Center is a nature area dedicated to environmental education owned and operated by Clayton County Water Authority. We strive to provide a safe, welcoming environment for community members to come explore and connect to the natural world. We hope that each visitor will have the opportunity to not only find a peaceful place to enjoy nature, but to also develop a deeper understanding of conservation and a passion for protecting our local watersheds. 

To learn more about visiting NWC, explore the links below.

Plan Your Visit

See details about site rules, hours of operation, trail map, and more.

Stories Inspired by NWC

The Newman Wetlands Center app includes eight audio stories written by Georgia authors that can only be heard here.

All Terrain Chair

If you have mobility issues that prevent you from hiking, you can reserve our Action Trackchair to use while you're on site.

Human Connections

NWC is just a small part of our land's story. We invite you to learn about the people who lived on & explored this land before us.

School girls looking forward, holding clipboards
Self-guided Activities

Explore a variety of learning activities to print and use to engage with your children on your hike.

Male Red-Winged Blackbird calls from the top of a cattail flower
Wildlife Viewing

NWC is an excellent place to spot wildlife, whether you're an experienced photographer or brand new to exploring.

Event Calendar

Throughout the year, Newman Wetlands Center hosts a variety of events dedicated to bringing the community together and providing fun and educational nature experiences. 

A mom stands on a boardwalk holding her toddler son in one arm and a live turtle in her other hand. She's smiling at the child and he's looking at his mom. There are other children around them.

Learn more about where your water goes by exploring the How’s My Waterway page. Enter your location and learn what waterway is nearest to you and how humans are impacting the water. 

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