Marsh Memoirs

A Storytelling experience

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Marsh Memoirs is a multi-media hiking experience that builds storytelling, poetry, and fun into your nature walk. It is an artistic ode to the cultural and natural stories held by our land. The audio performances were written by Georgia authors who were inspired by Newman Wetlands Center. Voice actors performed each piece with skill and passion, bringing the stories to life!

These stories can only be heard here and nowhere else. There is a story for everyone including the story of a water drop’s journey, a historical fiction piece based on local Civil War battles, and conversations between water, trees, and even a grumpy ol’ turtle. 

To enjoy the stories, please follow the directions listed below. 

Step 1: Download the Newman Wetlands Center app to your phone or tablet.

Click here for Android

Click here for iOS


Step 2: Go to the Marsh Memoirs tab. 


Step 3: Choose a story. Click on each photo box for a story description, author bio, and more.


Step 4: Download the tour.


Step 5: Use the “Route” section to find the starting place on the trail.


Step 6: Put on your headphones and start the tour.


Step 7: Listen and enjoy!

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