Where in the World is Murtle?

Go outside and Play

A Nature Play Game - COMING SOON

Where in the World is Murtle? is a card game designed to inspire family fun through nature play. Players join Murtle, an adventurous common snapping turtle, as they explore, learn, create, and move. Play where you are – in your backyard, here at Newman Wetlands Center, or even in a national park. 

Murtle challenges players through prompts that improve recall, critical thinking, and imagination. The game requires at least three players, but the more the merrier. Play in teams across skills and abilities to make the game more inclusive. 

We invite you to play! Pick up your free copy of Where in the World is Murtle? at Newman Wetlands Center while supplies last. 


Each player takes a turn as the Guide. The Guide reads the top card from the deck to the players.

The players perform the prompt. The Guide will judge the players’ responses and choose a winner.

Winners of each round keep the card. The player with the most cards at the end wins!

Where in the World is Murtle? was inspired by Aqua Marooned!, an interactive card game created by Swim Pony Performing Arts for the Alliance for Watershed Education. The prompts were authored by NWC staff. The artwork was created by local artist and dedicated NWC volunteer, Anne McCallum. This project was made possible thanks to grant funding from See Clayton County Georgia and the Clayton County Tourism Authority.

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