Discover Your Watershed

we all need clean water

What is a Watershed?

Multi-color map of Georgia's major watersheds

A watershed is the area of land from which water, sediment, and pollution drain to a common body of water. Watersheds can be small, encompassing the land around a small stream, or big, encompassing the land around a major river. The boundaries of each watershed are the highest points around the body of water. 

Why is this important? The choices we make within a watershed impact our local streams, which then impacts rivers and eventually, the ocean. For example, if we use fertilizer on our lawn, the excess fertilizer washes away when it rains or when we leave the sprinklers on too long. The fertilizer flows into a nearby waterway and causes an overload of nutrients. When we pollute within our watershed, we pollute our waterways and those down stream from us. It is essential that we make personal and communal choices that protect water quality in our watershed. 

Learn more about where your watershed by exploring the How’s My Waterway page. Enter your location and learn what waterway is nearest to you. Dive into what’s polluting your local waterways and take action!

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